Mynewt New RTOS for IOT

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Written by david on 23 may 17:01.
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Mynewt is a new RTOS for IOT from Apache Software Foundation for devices that need to operate for long periods of time under power, memory, and storage constraints. The first connectivity stack offered is BLE 4.2.

Utilities :

- Utilities such as boot loaders, file systems, time-series data,
- JSON formatted log request/response, and more

Bluetooth Low Energy :

- High-performance networking stacks, starting with
- Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 source code for both
- host and controller

Highly Configurable :

- Direct access to peripherals for granular control to
- better utilize the resources of the target embedded platform

Secure :

- Secure yet simple image and configuration

Easy to use :

- Easily composable modules and HAL
(Hardware Abstraction Layer) for portability

Supported Boards :

Internet of Things news --> Comment in Forum
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